Mitt Romney is anything but a ‘Hero’

Letters to the editor:

Mitt Romney is anything but a ‘Hero’




“Romney our Hero!” So proclaims the billboards and local media. Guess I should just believe the Kool-Aid and be grateful for my “Hero,” but I’m not.

Tonight I learned that my senator is a “top 20 donation destination for George Soros.” Some days ago I learned that he made millions selling my personal information. This news doesn’t match the Hero label being pressed on us by the Utah InfoOps machine.

Had the charges against my president been legitimate, the trial fair, the defense given a chance for defense, I could buy the “Hero” argument, but none of that was true. This was a coup attempt from the beginning—an attempt to overthrow the lawful decision of We The People, and the greatest threat to our nation you and I have ever witnessed.

In this critical hour, Romney could have chosen to defend the nation and constitution, but instead he sided with his globalist bosses. Who does Romney take orders from? Would love to find that out—he doesn’t blink an eye without it being choreographed. In the meantime, I see my president and other congressmen fighting courageously—they deserve our support and our “Hero” needs to be shown the door.


Carl Sullivan,




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