Mt. Pleasant is in desperate need of a city manager

Letters to the editor:

The past decade that I have lived in Mt. Pleasant, I have watched the mismanagement of the city by the mayor and city council. It proves that this system does not work for the safety and wellbeing of Mt. Pleasant. I have read the bios of the volunteers who want to run for mayor and city council and once again we have no one with any college education in any discipline of management.

Most have two sentences of their qualifications, ie: “I went to high school” and how many kids they have. Those are NOT qualifications to run a million-dollar city. Maybe that will be a nice resume at McDonalds, but not to run a city? NO. We need a manager; not a popularity contest.

A city needs a college educated manager in project management, emergency management, accounting, budgeting, etc. Not a high school diploma. This might be the reason why Mt. Pleasant has road problems, water problems, housing problems and economic problems. We vote in people with no qualifications. We the voters are to blame for our mess. The lack of project management can be seen in everything that does not get done. Drive into the trailer court on 200 South to make my point.

I have heard that the mayor wants to borrow millions of dollars and place that tax on the citizens to pay. We do not know what the money is for and what projects it will be used for; and then we are to have confidence that the money will be managed properly? We need a city manager; and his employment will save us money in the long run. Help stop the wasted dollars from the last few years of mismanage projects.

Dave Brown,

Mt. Pleasant

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