Mt. Pleasant kids get fire safety lessons

The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department brought their mascot and all their gear to Mt. Pleasant Elementary to teach students at all about firefighting. The crew (from left to right) is wildlands firefighter, Joe Dixon, Fire Chief Sam Draper, Sparky, fireman Brian Beck and fireman Mark Hightower.


Mt. Pleasant kids get

fire safety lessons




MT. Pleasant—The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department, along with Sparky the mascot too, brought their trucks, gear and firefighting tools to teach the kids at Mt. Pleasant Elementary all about fire safety.

Each grade level at the school had an opportunity to chat with the firemen and ask them questions, said Becky Anderson, fifth-grade teacher.

The firefighters arrived at the school grounds on Oct. 9 to explain what it’s like to be a firefighter and then they suited up in all their gear, Anderson said.

Fire Chief Sam Draper explained that sometimes kids are scared of firemen when they are dressed in full gear. And To help the students overcome their fears, fireman Brian Beck dressed in his full fireman outfit and then explained the purpose of each item as he talked through his face mask.

Fireman Mark Hightower and wildland firefighter Joe Dixon then talked about wildland fire safety and the gear used to fight those fires.

The firemen also talked about the importance of every family having a plan that included a meeting place in case of a fire, Anderson said.

At the end of the visit, students were treated to a closer look at the firetrucks, a high-five with Sparky the mascot and a pencil bag with a home fire safety checklist.



Fifth graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary were treated to a demonstration about firefighting and fire safety by the fire department on Oct. 9.