Mt. Pleasant Library starts Magic Tree House Club

Mt. Pleasant Library starts

Magic Tree House Club


By Linda Petersen

Staff writer

Oct. 19, 2017


MT. PLEASANT—The Mt. Pleasant City Library is starting a monthly Magic Tree House Club beginning Friday, Oct 27 at 2:45 p.m. for children of first- through third-grade age.

They will kick off with the book “Mummies in the Morning.”

Magic Tree House is a series of fiction books for young readers based on the adventures of brother and sister Jack and Annie, who discover a magical tree house filled with books. When they open the books, they are whisked through time and space on magical adventures ranging from visits with dinosaurs to walking in outer space.

Program director Susan Fullmer said they chose to do the club because the books are so popular with kids. Fullmer said they were introduced to the idea after one of the librarians went to a training and found out about another librarian who had set up a club at her library and was willing to share her resources with others.

Based on those outlines, each monthly club meeting will focus on a particular Magic Tree House book. Participants will enjoy activities that go along with the theme of the book, including fun facts, art projects, games and themed snacks. This month’s meeting will feature a make-your-friend-into-a-mummy game and a hot dog mummy treat, for example.

“We think the club will give the kids a chance to socialize and to delve deeper into the subjects the books cover,” Fullmer said. “It’s a wonderful springboard for learning about different places and times.”

Author Mary Pope Osborne has written 57 Magic Tree House books to date, so there is plenty of material for the club to cover. Fullmer said the library will probably have the club for a couple of years so they may not get to all the books

The library can accommodate about 15 club participants, so it’s a good idea to call the library in advance and get your child on the list, she said.