Mt. Pleasant makes request of parents to enhance student saftey

Rena Orton, Mt. Pleasant Elementary principal, directs caregivers to pull forward when dropping off their children.


Mt. Pleasant makes request of parents

to enhance student saftey

By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



MT. PLEASANT—Mt. Pleasant Elementary has made a handful of requests of caregivers.

In its Sept. 2020 newsletter, “The Bear Facts,” the school asked caregivers to pull forward as far as they can in a drop-off area when dropping off their child for school; and to arrange to pick up and walk home their child before the child departs for school in the morning.

The newsletter also requests, “whenever possible” that parents make sure their child’s name is on each item they take from home; to fill out a document for an extended absence of three days or more, and more.

The staff also said that a community council meeting is being held at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday at the school, 579 S. 400 E. in Mt. Pleasant. The public may attend.

The newsletter also instructed caregivers to ask their child to look for lost things at the lost and found, found in the school gym on the ramp; to contact the school office for more information about filling out the absence-approval document; and to contact their child’s teacher for advice on doing something in lieu of class birthday treats.

A caregiver pulling forward as far as possible in the drop off zone will permit buses to exit the bus area, the newsletter says.

Rena Orton, Mt. Pleasant Elementary principal, said she and teachers direct caregivers to pull forward “every morning”—and Orton has been doing it for six years.

If caregivers’ vehicles are not pulled forward, they go out too far into the street and then block the buses’ entrance into the loop where the bus driver can drop students off, Orton told the Sanpete Messenger.

“They would fit in here really nice if they would just pull up,” Orton said of caregivers and their vehicles. “If they were patient and would pull all the way in, it would help.”

Orton did add that, “Usually the parents are good about letting the bus get out.”

When it comes to a caregiver making plans to pick up and walk home their child in advance of the child departing for school in the morning, the newsletter says, “We know there are times when an emergency may arise during the day and you need to make a change. However, it is sometimes very hard to locate and get a message to a student or a family of students just before school is dismissed. We appreciate your understanding with this!”

“Be sure your child’s name is on all items they bring from home. Lunch boxes, coats, jackets, etc.,” the newsletter says.

The extended-absence document can be found at the school office, the newsletter says. The principal and teacher authorize the absence. “This form allows the student to avoid an attendance penalty,” adding that only one vacation document each school year is permitted.