My simple life

My simple life


By Vanesa Larsen North Sanpete Middle School, seventh grade



My life is fairly simple, as you will see.

First, I wake up. Occasionally I wake up before my mom-alarm goes off, and then I get ready for school earlier. That’s one of the best feelings in the world!

Next, I get ready for the day. I usually shower, and if I don’t there’s usually a stupid kink in my hair and I’m tired for the rest of the day. I put on minimum makeup, and put my socks on. Usually I’m in such a hurry to get the front seat before my sisters that I forget to eat. But that’s okay because I eat breakfast at school.

Then I get in the car and go to school. Today, my mom got pulled over! But the cop let us go without a ticket, Thank Goodness!

School is always long and boring. First I have two Spanish classes with the same amazing teacher, Rhett Bird. I’ve had him since 6th grade. I don’t know what my favorite class is. Maybe band or language arts. My least favorite is college career awareness because I’m always pooped by then.

There’s a new girl in school. She speaks very little English, so the Spanish speaking kids had to help out a bit. That was fun, she’s very nice. My friends and I asked her if she wanted to sit with us at lunch. We messed up on our Spanish when asking her, so it sounded like: “You want to sit with you?” She corrected us and we felt so embarrassed! Not because she corrected us. I always love it when people correct my Spanish. That’s how I learn.

After school I head to the library. My friend’s mom is the librarian, and so I get to go behind the counter. There’s a chair there just for me! I hang out with my friend until they go home. Then I wait for my mom to pick me up. She works at the alternative high school in Mt. Pleasant, and has the same hours as I do.

By the way, those high schoolers are the best kind. They’re so chill and great to hang out with when I go to work with my mom. If any are reading this, hi!

When I get home, I grab a snack and chill. I do that for about 15 minutes before starting on my enormous pile of homework. Some days are worse than others.

After I finish my chores and homework, I get to go to friends’ houses and hang out. My best friend lives just a bike ride away. She’s a few years younger than me but is wise enough to be 10 years older. They have such an amazing family! Lately they’ve been in quarantine so I don’t see them. But tonight I get to go play pickleball with them at the old City Hall! (Social distancing and wearing masks.)

Now I eat and go to bed.

You can’t get simpler than that.