Non-profit enterprise helping senior citizens

Non-profit enterprise helping senior citizens

Seagers wanted to ease seniors in isolation through socialization


Robert Green

Staff writer


FAIRVIEW—Donna Seager and her husband Phil noticed a great void of isolation, depression and loneliness among their senior friends living in Sanpete County.

And they wanted to fill it.

So about three years ago, they started thinking about creating a non-profit enterprise to help home-bound and fragile seniors living in the county.

They created a 501 (c)(3) exempt charity, Rural Senior Adult Services and secured a grant and licenses to operate the business from their home in Fairview.

On May 1, the business started to help about 15 seniors with free companion care, creative engagement and socialization.

“We saw a need,” said Seager, president of the board. “We saw many seniors living alone, fighting depression and never contacting other people. They need somebody to care about them.”

That’s where Seager’s program comes in. “We want to engage with seniors,” she said. “We want to talk with them; and then we help them with whatever they want.”

Seager and her husband, along with one paid part-time caretaker, go to their clients’ homes every other week with the whole idea to support and foster their well-being.

“We paint, water color, crochet or just talk,” Seager said. “Sometimes we might go in and play cards with them.”

The company performs light housekeeping, companion care, personal care, computer care and creative engagement.  They do not provided health care or food preparation.

Phil is a computer guru and he likes to teach seniors how to use their computers and fix their IPads.

On the initial visit, the Seagers bring each client (she prefers to call them participants) a gift basket.

With the exception of one employee, the entire operation is run by volunteers.  And new volunteers are welcome. Money is always in demand, as the company must pay for supplies, liability insurance, workers comp and wages, Seager said.

Her client list has grown to 15, exclusively by word of mouth. With additional marketing efforts and more funding through grants and donations, the company would like to expand into southern Sanpete County, Emery County and Sevier County, she said. Eventually, they plan on working with other agencies like the food pantry to assist with meals.

Seager met with the Fairview City Council last week and the council donated $200.

Her motto is: “Attach, helping the elderly attach to their world.”

Donna was an educator for 43 years and worked as a school counselor for 33 years. Phil works for the North Sanpete School District as a computer technician. He has 25 years of experience in computer technology.

Contact them at 801-699-6872 or admin@rsaservices.org.