North Bend Entertainers will put on first play since COVID, ‘Daddy’s Girl,’ June 16-18

            FAIRVIEW— After a break of two years, the North Bend Entertainers will be presenting the Gary Ray Stapp comedy “Daddy’s Girl” at the Peterson Dance Hall Thursday through Saturday, June 16-18.

Cast members prepare for “Daddy’s Girl” at the Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview. From left are Kenny Cox, Ryan Cox, Hillary Smith, and Randy Dowland of Fairview, and Ellie Anderson and Marc Anderson of Fountain Green.

            The Thursday performance will be a family night at 7 p.m., while Friday and Saturday will be a dinner theater, dinner served at 6, and the play will follow dinner.

            The plot features Benard Muloovy, proprietor of Maudie’s Diner, the most no-nonsense cook you’ve ever met. He gets a full plate of comic chaos when his deceased wife, Maudie, decides to take up residence as a talking portrait on the diner wall.

            Enlisting the services of an angel, Michael, Maudie hopes to reunite Benard with their long-lost daughter, Elizabeth. True to his mischievous nature, Michael delivers two Elizabeths, and Benard’s task is to decide which young woman is his real daughter.

            The play comes fully seasoned with characters like E.L., a snobbish restaurant critic after Benard’s secret recipe; Lizzy, a girl with a split personality; a forgetful waitress; a PhD student with communication problems; a yin-yang geriatric duo; a motorcycle mama; and of course, Darlynn, the woman who has been trying to get Benard to the altar for years, because who doesn’t want a second helping of happiness?

            In this contest of laughter and tears, lines are drawn, sides are taken, and rules are broken as one young lady reveals a secret and ultimately claims her paternity, but not without a twist… or two.

            North Bend Entertainers is a non-profit community theatre organization. It began as a result of a need to save the Fairview Dance Hall. The three-fold purpose of North Bend Entertainers is (1) to raise funds to maintain the historic Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview as a theatrical showcase and a gathering place to benefit the entire community, (2) to provide a setting for local entertainers to showcase their talents (3) to provide quality entertainment at affordable prices for the community.

            For more information about the organization, performances and tickets, visit the North Bend Entertainers website at http://www.nbentertainers.org.

            Cost for the play only is $7.00, dinner theatre is $35, call for availability, 435-469-1177.