North Sanpete selects student body officers and Sterling Scholars

North Sanpete High School is preparing for the 2021-22 school year by announcing new student body officers and their new Sterling Scholars.

Last week candidates for student body office gave out treats, created videos and decorated windows and sidewalks, all to encourage their fellow classmates to vote for them to lead their school this next year.

The new student body officers for North Sanpete High School are (L to R): Carson Hadley, Jordan Hilton, Kasey Curtis and Dante Lowe.

Newly elected officers are President, Carson Hadley, son of Fred and Cheryl Hadley of Mt. Pleasant; Vice President, Jordan Hilton, daughter of Barrett and Katie Hilton of Moroni; Secretary, Kasey Curtis, son of Marcy Curtis of Mt. Pleasant and Sam Curtis of Rock Spring Wyoming; and Activities Agent, Dante Lowe, son of Bobi Lowe of Nephi and Melvin Lowe of St George,

Last week, Jori Turpin also announced the new Sterling Scholars for the upcoming year. They are:

General, Carson Hadley son of Fred and Cheryl Hadley of Mt. Pleasant; Dance, Jordan Hilton, daughter of Barrett and Katie Hilton of Moroni; Business, Casey Mitchell, son of Matt and Sarah Mitchell of Chester; Trade and Tech, Kasey Curtis son of Sam and Marcy Curtis of Mt. Pleasant; Visual Art, Paige Ison, daughter of Dan and Angie Ison of Moroni; English,  Athena De Groff, daughter of Robert and Jane DeGroff of Spring City; Science, Racheal Jones daughter of Bryan and Rebecca Jones of Mt. Pleasant; Social Science, Bradley Power, son of Weston and Trisha Power of Mt. Pleasant; Computer Tech, Marlee Crozier, daughter of Blake and Jennifer Crozier of Mt. Pleasant; Agriculture, Julia Bailey, daughter of Jed and Tammy Bailey of Ft. Green; Math, Kylan Taylor, son of Todd and Wendi Taylor of Fairview; World Languages, Jason Sanchez, son of Samuel and  Evela Sanchez of Mt. Pleasant;, Speech and Drama, Emily Wheeler, daughter of Amber Wheeler of Ft. Green; and Music, Simeon Kimball, son of Abe and Serenity Kimball of Fairview.

The new Sterling Scholars at North Sanpete High School are (L to R) back row: Jason Sanchez, Julia Bailey, Rachel Jones, Paige Ison, Bradley Power and Marlee Crozier; middle row: Athena Degroff, Carson Hadley, Jordan Hilton, Emily Wheeler, Simeon Kimball and Casey Mitchell; front row: Kylan Taylor and Kasey Curtis.