North Sanpete students gather more than 5,000 pounds for food pantry

North Sanpete students gather more than 5,000 pounds for food pantry


By Lauren Evans



MT. PLEASANT – North Sanpete High School gathered 5,617 pounds of food for the Sanpete Pantry during a month-long food drive the ended last week.

The food drive tradition started about five years ago at North Sanpete High School with the Leadership Class, which consists of student body and class officers.

The high school wanted to help out the pantry as much as possible so students rounded up more schools to participate.

The drive started on Feb. 4. All five elementary schools, along with the high school, gathered donations.

The Leadership Class visited the elementary schools to promote the drive and set up a friendly competition among classes. The high school students offered to put on a donut party for the class in each school that collected the most food.

The high school also held events to encourage its students to donate. For five cans, students were able to leave school and watch a movie one day. For 10 cans, students could use a first-in-line pass for lunch time. For 20 cans, students owing restitution hours could take off one hour.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Leadership Class went to each site to pick up donations. A school district truck picked up the food at the schools and delivered it to the Sanpete Pantry.