Observations while in quarantine

Letters to the editor:

Observations while in quarantine




Being quarantined and not being able live a normal life has been a new experience for me and my son. We could not have lived this new normal this past month without the help of others to carry on.

We have been quarantined since March 8 because of the new coronavirus. My son has Cyclic Neutropenia so he is at high risk for COVID-19.

We have been very close to home taking precautionary measures. I would like to Thank Stan Spencer from Chester for his kindness. He has made sure my son and I have had the things we need on day to day basis. He has left bags of food on the front porch, disinfectants and even Diet Cokes and ice cream.

Stan and the Team of Technicians at Bodie Machinery and Metalworks also need a HIGH FIVE for their part in helping me work from home under these new conditions; they have all made sacrifices and adjustments in their work environments to make it possible to do the office work for Bodie Machinery and Metalworks from my home.

So I thank each and every one of them for making things run smoothly during this time.  Stan Spencer, a former mayor of Sterling, has been a legend to this county and has been known for certainly doing his part in “paying it forward” in this community.

For example, Stan was at the store buying our groceries for the week where again he acted out “Stan paying it forward.” He helped an elderly lady purchase her groceries in front of him; the women was paying for her items with a check and had left her driver’s license at home. Stan insisted on paying for her groceries so she could go home and be safe.

As he put it, “If it had been my mother in this situation, I know someone would do the same for her. That’s just what you do for others. It was not a big deal.”

Just yesterday he received a Thank You Card in the mail thanking him again for his paying it forward from the lady he helped in the grocery store. The woman wrote, “I am going to learn from your example and send the money that I would pay to you to the Sanpete County Food Bank. That way I can pass on your good deed to another person by paying it forward.

I just wanted to let the community know that we have some outstanding people in our community. I very much appreciate these nice acts of service. So thank you for paying it forward.


WendyJo Jensen


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