Opinions should be expressed with kindness, common courtesy

Letters to the editor:

Opinions should be expressed with

kindness, common courtesy




The headline of a recently published letter made my heart sink. It said, “Mayor doesn’t care about Lamb Day.”

I know Mayor Wood loves Ft. Green and cares about Lamb Day. He empathetically stated at the last city council meeting that he would prefer to err on the side of caution and protect the city of future liability claims. He has been inundated with calls and visits of what and what not to do when it comes to Lamb day. He did much research and talked with the health department and Governor’s office.

I disagree with his viewpoint, but I do so because we are all entitled to an opinion and we have reasons for them, however the things I have read and heard lately are very disturbing. People on Facebook that blame the Mayor for everything from not having Lamb day to building an unnecessary city building and fire station to saying he is self-serving. Most of these statements are half-truths or not true at all.

I’ve heard statements from people who have not attended the city council meetings and then want to criticize the outcome. The mayor does not vote on Lamb Day. The City Council had the vote. The first proposal which was presented by the Lamb Day committee was for a scaled down version of Lamb Day. It included several events plus a couple meals. Unfortunately it was voted down. It finally came down to a possible flag ceremony and fireworks, plus a possible Co-Ed softball tournament. Remember, it was the council who voted, not the mayor.

I feel that healthy, law abiding citizens should be able to choose freedom and celebrate together. I know that many will disagree with this statement and that is okay.

The June 25 edition of the Sanpete Messenger posted the July events for the county. Two other cities besides Ft. Green have traditional celebrations based on their community’s heritage. Ephraim is having a scaled down version that includes online events. Wales has canceled its celebration. The remaining communities celebrate the 4th or 24th. Some are scaled way back or canceled while others are choosing the freedom of sticking to their traditional event. Does this mean that those who have canceled or scaled back do not care about their communities or the holiday? Those decisions came from committees or councils.

Fountain Green is special because of its residents. Some were born and raised here while others are “move-ins.” Regardless, we should recognize that we all love our community and show respect to each other. It tears me apart to hear unkind and unnecessary comments. What happened to expressing your opinion with kindness and common courtesy? Fountain Green citizens: You are better than this. I love my community and will do my best to support the decisions made by our leaders even if I may disagree.


Connie Hansen,

Fountain Green

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