Our communities are good!

Letters to the editor:

Our communities are good!



I just can’t help it!
Sometimes I almost feel overwhelmed by all the goodness I am surrounded by in Sanpete. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have my head in the sand concerning the “un-goodness” that’s here; I know it is, but what’s right about our communities far outweighs the unsavory!
Just think about it.
Our mountains and valley are extraordinary. Store owners are trying their hardest to provide what we want and need. People in the medical field are considerate and compassionate about “the one,” sharing so much of themselves to make sure we’re taken care of in the best ways.

Other services, i.e., plumbing & electrical; eye care; dental; grocery needs; building supplies and builders; insurance necessities; elementary, middle and high schools and Snow College; our local government who cares about their communities, wanting the best for them, especially for the long-term.

The diversities of religious worship helping our communities be well-rounded, giving us all a chance to join in common causes that build. There are the community and college police forces who are exceptionally competent, risking so much so that all of us can feel safer and more secure. Just drive down our main streets at night, and the Christmas lights welcome even the disheartened, pulling them into a valley of warmth and caring.
The task of sharing what is so wonderful about our own Sanpete would take a great deal more space than I’m allotted in this letter but rest assured; there is so much more that could be said!
I know Sanpete isn’t a “fix-all” for everybody, and there is plenty we can all do to improve our valley, and that we must do our part to help strengthen and build it but I maintain that we are enveloped in a gold mine of what’s good about living. I know because my husband and I have lived here for over 40 years, not because we had to but because we wanted to. I also know that we find what we’re looking for.
Thank you, everyone, for being a part of what I cherish so deeply! I hope I never take you or this extraordinary valley for granted.


Julie Poulson



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