Our communities, as well as teams, are winners

Letters to the editor:

Our communities, as well

as teams, are winners 




As I was sitting in the stands of the gymnasium awaiting the final 3A boy’s championship basketball game to start, I looked around the stands and gym floor and was amazed to see how many former Sanpete alumni and residents were eagerly searching for a place to sit.

The tension was high and the atmosphere rousing, as to who would be tonight’s victor, after a long awaited season and year. I personally, had a vested interest in my own grandson, who was a member of the, soon to be, illustrious team.

After looking out at all the commotion, anticipation and support, being shown both these teams, it suddenly hit me, that win, lose, or draw, those participants on the floor were all winners…and that we, on the sidelines and in our seats, or watching on TV were a great part of this final showing.

As Manti finally ended up with what the papers call…THE WINNER, I became elated for the success of my grandson and his teammates. However, I also saw the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat, in every member in that building, who had played an unseen and sometimes unappreciated roll, for every player in that game.

The cheerleaders, drill team and support organizations, all labor endlessly, after many unseen hours, to encourage, excite and stimulate the crowd, who unknowingly, also cause the necessary surge of adrenaline for each player to perform his best.

I saw the parents and family members, who relive their own desires of being triumphant in life, by teaching, coaching, practicing and giving of personal time and money, in behalf of that ball player. I saw the student body racing onto the floor to share hugs, high-fives and praise, but didn’t realize how their own school-time encouragement and support, helped push those players onto victory.

I saw the teachers, coaches, neighbors and community friends, who were there to congratulate every participant. I also saw the support of the so called “losing team.” Those same opposite entities who had co-existed with the same fervor and force, as existed for the Manti players.

They had equally led and supported their players into the field of battle, not knowing of its final outcome. THE OUTCOME IS….EVERYONE is the winner. There is no loser. The village raised a champion team.

I hope my grandson, and every member of both Manti’s and Richfield’s teams, as well as both villages, continue to raise their next generation of champions. Let the praise be to the VILLAGE…bless them all.


Leland Thompson, grandfather


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