Pioneer Days reminds us of appreciation for Pageant 

Letters to the editor:

Pioneer Days reminds us of appreciation for Pageant

July 25, 2019

         As Pioneer Day fast approaches I feel compelled to write and express the deep appreciation I have for the Mormon Miracle Pageant, a longstanding event whose origins are rooted in and for most of its history provided an immediate prelude to the July 24th holiday.

Much has been said about the great sense of loss many feel as they consider future summers in the Sanpete Valley without the Pageant.  The power of the Mormon Miracle was not only to be found in its lofty message, but in the incredible way it brought the local community together and motivated people to consistently accomplish something that critics had considered impossible, and in doing so changed the lives of countless individuals far and wide for the better.

I know because I was personally blessed by the words, scenes and spirit of the Pageant and as I witnessed a season of voluntary service on a level rarely seen in our world today.  In discussions with family, friends, and complete strangers wherever I go, mention of Manti is invariably followed by expressions of gratitude for the profound influence the storied production has had on someone’s life.

Moreover, I am aware of numerous families who were drawn to move to the Sanpete Valley largely due to their first introduction to the area on coming to see the Pageant.

Thanks be to God for the Mormon Miracle Pageant and for the outpouring of His tender mercies and blessings over the 50-plus years of its existence.  The presentation has unfolded in a remarkable setting at the foot of a sacred Temple erected by pioneers whose faith and hearts turned to Heaven to accomplish what also seemed impossible, and on a stage seemingly designed years earlier for such an event.

Yes, it is easy to think of the great void that will be felt with the Pageant’s ending.  For some reason, however, the thought keeps returning that the best is yet to come.  And knowing what I know about the people Sanpete, I believe it.


David Mackey


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