Protestors disrespected American Flag-that’s not patriotism

Letters to the editor:

Protestors disrespected American Flag-that’s not patriotism



As a military veteran who served this country honorably, I can no longer stand by silently watching pseudo-patriots desecrate the sacred symbol of our democracy.

To the traitors who fell ill with the sickness of Trump rhetoric, you have shown your colors when you desecrated the colors of the United States of America.

Our flag is a symbol of strength, inspiration and hope to people around the world. Our flag solemnly drapes the coffins of our fallen heroes on their final journey home. Our flag is folded reverently and presented to their proud, but grieving families. The flag of the United States of America is sacred.

On Jan. 6, the photos and videos, too many to count and most proudly posted by the rioters, demonstrated blatant disrespect for the flag. We have seen foreign mobs deface or desecrated our flag, but it is shocking to witness this reprehensible act gleefully perpetrated by our own citizens.

The members of the selfie-obsessed mob brazenly posted pictures of the flag draped over their shoulders, the flag dragging on the ground and finally abandoned on the floor. The members of this treasonous cult have mass produced the symbol of our democracy and defaced it with ridiculous images and slogans proclaiming loyalty, not to the United States of America, but pledging allegiance to one man. Their behavior is the absolute opposite of patriotism.

To the rioters and those who defend them, you are not patriots. Your desecration of the flag is only one example of your utter depravity. Don’t ever thank me for my service. I, stand for the flag. I, salute the flag. I, pledge allegiance to the flag. You, are not worthy to call yourself a patriot or claim the flag of the United States of America as your standard.


KayeLynn Van Wagenen,





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