Regional Reflections winners recognized

Students and parents from four elementary schools, in both North Sanpete and South Sanpete school districts, had a chance to enjoy the award-winning creative work on display before 27 students received their respective trophies and certificated.


Regional Reflections winners recognized


By Doug Lowe

Staff writer




MT. PLEASANT—Twenty-seven students from Sanpete County’s two public school districts were recently recognized as regional winners of the PTA’s annual Reflections contest for creative achievement in the creative and performing arts.

Parents and students gathered for Award of Excellence trophies and Award of Merit certificates from Regional PTA Reflections Program Coordinator Jennifer Peterson during an evening ceremony last Wednesday at the North Sanpete School District offices.

“This year, we had 27 winners coming from four elementary schools—Ephraim, Fountain Green, Moroni and Spring City—that participated in the competition,” Peterson announced to the assembled children and adults.

First to received recognition that evening were 17 students who received an Award of Excellence trophy—each going on to the state level competition, with the possibility of even going to represent Utah’s PTA organization at the national level.

Ephraim’s Award of Excellence winners included grades K-2 students, Draco Stevens (2-D Art) and Harvey Chaney (Music); special education student, Hades Garcilazo (Music); and grades 3-5 students, Aspen Tui (2-D Art), Clara Hales (Literature), and Isaac Wallace (Music.)

Fountain Green had three Award of Excellence winners: grades K-2 students Brigham Yorgason (3-D Art), Kaleb Yorgason (Literature), Kathryn Cox (Dance.)

Moroni had one Excellence winner, sixth grader Stephanie Jones (2-D.)

Spring City’s Excellence winners numbered six and included grade K-2 student, Calliope Robinett (Photography); grades 3-5 students Easton Allan (Photography), Kayla Holyoak (3-D Art); and sixth grade students Ereshay Williams (Literature), Katelyn Allan (Photography), and Matea Straw (3-D Art).

Next in the evening’s event, ten students from three area elementary schools were presented with Award of Merit certificates. Ephraim had three Merit winners: one grade K-2 student, Lucy Saxey (2-D Art); and, two grades 3-5 students, Avery Thompson (2-D Art) and Ellian Crouch (Photography).

Fountain Green had one K-2 Merit winner: Gabriel Cox (3-D Art). And, Spring City had two K-2 winners, Nathaniel Raynor (Literature) and Zoey Robinett (Photography); two grade level 3-5 winners, Jill Hinckley (Literature) and Opal Webb (2-D Art); and, two sixth grade winners, Emma Evans (2-D Art) and Tyce Walker (Literature.)

Rules for the national PTA contest allow students in middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools to compete, but require they be enrolled in a class that gives academic credit to those students who participate.

Perhaps for that reason, no students beyond elementary school joined in the competition, which for the 2019-20 school year had the theme “Look Within.”