School nurse honored with Mary Ito Memorial Award

Alice Sperry of Moroni recently was honored for her work as a school nurse and received the Mary Ito Memorial Award.

Sperry has worked for both the North and South Sanpete School Districts for 26 years. She loves working with the students, watching them grow and developing into young adults.

Picture courtesy of Gay Aagard
Alice Sperry’s hard work as a school nurse has been noted and she recently won the Mary Ito Memorial Award.

The award is based on the achievements of Mary Ito, a school nurse who worked on an Indian reservation in Wyoming. Following her retirement, she moved back to Utah and once again became involved with the nursing profession.

Ito enrolled in education courses to maintain her nursing license. The Ito award is given to a school nurse who has made unique contributions to school nursing by carrying on Ito’s inspirational spirit.

“In life I have realized that people who are kind are actually the richest because they are giving away kindness; something that can never be taken away or stolen,” said Sperry’s co-worker, Shaunna Rawlinson. “Alice has been that person for countless others. I will always be grateful for her example, her support and her guidance.”

Sperry is not only a mother figure to students within the districts, but she is a mom to three amazing children, Sam, Josh and Jessica; and she has been blessed with 10 grandkids. Alice married Dan Sperry later in life, which brought her many more family members that she loves like her very own.

“Alice is a very loving person and goes above and beyond to make everyone around her feel special,” said her daughter-in-law Syndi Wilkey. “She does this for not only her family, but for anyone that she meets.”