Snow College introduces student app

Snow College introduces student app


By Lauren Evans



EPHRAIM – Snow College has officially gone digital.

The college has a brand new app available in the app store for Snow students to take control of their college experience. The interactive app bridges the gap for students to better communicate with counselors, clubs and other students.

Features like a personalized schedule, events calendar, student social wall, private messaging and public safety are tools to improve the Snow College student experience and stay involved.

Snow marketing director John Stevens said, “This app is a lot more of what students expect. They feel like the app is already familiar and easy to use.”

The project was first proposed to Stevens and web developer Jim Bob Pipes about a year ago. They wanted to create an app that would be the most beneficial and accessible to students. A Snow College app had previously existed about 6 years ago, but the features were limited and didn’t allow students to fully interact.

After searching for an app developer that would be the most cooperative and engaged, Stevens and Pipes settled on Ready Education of Montreal, Canada. The company works with at least 500 other universities across the nation building apps.

With 1,500 students and faculty already using the app, Stevens and Pipes are working with the developer to update and improve features regularly to keep things running smooth.