Snow named most successful college in student success

Snow named most successful

college in student success




EPHRAIM—The Chronicle of Higher Education has identified Snow College as the most successful two-year college in the nation in terms of the percentage of students completing an associate degree or transferring to a four-year college in a timely manner.

In a Chronicle ranking, Snow came in with an 85 percent “student success” rate, followed by Foothill College in Los Altos, Calif. and Alfred State College in Alfred, N.Y., at 80 percent each.

The report defined success as “students who completed within 150 percent of the normal time, transferred to another higher-education institution or were still enrolled at original college.” (For an associate’s degree, 150 percent of time is three years.)

Snow College is the only Utah State institution to be ranked on the Chronicle List.

Snow College Provost Steve Hood said, “Student success is our top priority.  In fact, all employees have a reminder on their desks that this is our No. 1. goal.  We appreciate our faculty’s and staff’s dedication in helping students achieve their academic goals.”

The Utah State Board of Regents has focused on timely completion as part of its strategic plan and has a goal to increase the percentage of students who persist and graduate from the state’s higher education institutions.

The regents’ 2017 Annual Report says that “43 percent of Utah’s higher education students graduate within 150 percent of time. Students save time, tuition costs, and forgone wages by graduating on time.”

The Chronicle report can be seen in its entirety at https://www.chronicle.com.