SPONSORED CONTENT: Joel Harmon is no stranger to challenging situations

Harmons has been a fixture in Sanpete for many years. The store is at 98 W. 200 North in Manti.

SPONSORED CONTENT: Joel Harmon is no stranger to challenging situations


There are always new challenges when you own your own business, and Joel and Kari Harmon have faced quite a few over their years at Harmon’s Hardware Company.

Licensed as a master electrician, master plumber and general contractor, Joel Harmon continues responding to calls for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical and other issues in his old, trusty blue service truck long after the store closes for the day. He’s out on just about every Saturday, and on occasion, responds to a Sunday emergency.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is trying to get to everyone who needs help.  This summer has been full of broken sewer lines, leaking pipes, air conditioners that weren’t working correctly, replacing water heaters, problems with wells and much more—all right up Joel’s “alley”.

The recent purchase of Straight-Shooter Rooter added new customers with even more pressing needs.  The challenge is trying to get to all the emergencies and still take care of the routine requests from his customers—like new water heaters.  There are times when he must choose the “worst” emergency first.  But he tries to take the best possible care of each customer.

As many business owners can attest, employee turnover creates challenges, too. Finding an adequate replacement, especially in a rural area, can be difficult. This year, store clerk David ventured out on his own with a tree trimming business.  The company has hired a new clerk, Susan Murdoch.

Turnover is inevitable in any business, but with at Harmon’s Hardware, turnover comes many hours of training. Joel and the staff are grateful when their customers understand that sometimes “new” means a little slower at first.

Joel always has time, when he happens to be in the store, to visit with a customer, to make them feel at home and appreciated—as they are—and to answer any technical question they might have.

This year has seen an increase in shoplifting and in buildings being “tagged,” adding the challenge of installing a security system to the interior and exterior of the building.

Harmons Hardware’s store carries western shirts, Levi and Wrangler jeans, cowboy hats, horseshoes, puzzles, boots for the whole family, gloves, tarps, Can Cookers and Case knives for your pocket or your kitchen.

The store also carries the expected plumbing, electrical, HVAC and general hardware items, water heaters, furnaces and AC units.  If you haven’t been by lately (or at all!), go in and see them at 98 W. 200 North in Manti. They’ll be happy to see you!

Harmon’s Hardware in Manti is known for its name – brand Western wear. Susan Murdoch and Kari Harmon are showing off some beautiful Western shirts.