Students acted wisely, but not government

Letters to the editor:

Students acted wisely,

but not government


Aren’t we all deeply moved and proud of students who have demonstrated their support, their empathy, for everyone who has suffered and who may yet suffer in the wake of the horrific shootings that grip our country.

Administrators, teachers and parents too should be honored and respected for their support and their willingness to allow these young people to be heard.

A most egregious mistake was made when government failed years ago to ban assault weapons from the hands of the citizenry, and now a great many people have such weapons.

The right to bear arms needs to have some reasonable limits and safeguards, or, as we clearly see, there is chaos and tragedy.

It is time we make America a safer place, where everyone can enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness and not be stripped of those blessings as they innocently go about their daily lives.


Sherron Andreasen


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