Students get joy of helping others through service projects

Toy-filled shopping carts in front of NSHS students
A record-setting total of more than 600 toys, for contribution to the Toys for Tots Program, filled the carts of North Sanpete High school’s student leaders (from back left to front right) Rickie Stewart, Dax Higgins, Mayzie Talbot, Raelynn Mineer, Micheal Pearce, Alexis Welch and Trey Robison, prior to being paid for with this year’s fund raising.


Students get joy of helping others through service projects


By Doug Lowe 

Staff writer



During this holiday season, students attending any of Sanpete’s three public high schools are getting plenty of opportunities to learn the value of helping others through a wide variety of service projects helping others who are less fortunate.

Jeff Erickson, the Assistant Principal of North Sanpete High School, enthusiastically points out, “This year’s annual Toys for Tots donation drive, spearheaded by our students, has raised more money, and bought more toys for needy kids, than ever before.”

With a truckload of toys behind them NSHS students hold up cash register receipts
Sitting on a truck they’ve loaded with toys, the student body officers of North Sanpete High School are (from left to right) Trey Robison, Raelynn Mineer, Mayzie Talbot, Michael Pearce, Alexis Welch. They happily display the cash register receipts for more than $6,000 worth Christmas gifts they purchased for donation to our area’s Toys for Tots program.

Likewise, the principal of Manti High School proudly reported, “Our National Honor Society students happily joined in their organization’s nation-wide effort to gather food donations during the holiday season.”

The effort brought in more than a quarter ton of food, along with considerable cash, to help ensure that our area’s food pantry will be able to provide needy families with good things to eat during the holidays.

According to Melissa Judy, during this holiday season the students of Gunnison Valley High are busily engaged in a program called “12 Days of Keeping It Real.”

This multi-day effort is designed to help the students get more deeply involved in the true spirit of Christmas by shifting the focus off themselves and putting it on doing things to help others—like making mats to help Salt Lake’s homeless to their parents, teachers, school administrators and all community members who help demonstrate the age-old truth that it is more blessed to give than receive.



Manti High students stand behind table loaded with donated food
Student members of Manti High’s chapter of the National Honor Society collected more than 500 pounds of canned and boxed foods for donation to the Sanpete food pantry in preparation for meeting holiday season needs. (In front, left to right) Hannah Madsen, Michael Peterson, Shaylynn Noblett Allie Bridges, Karen Wood, Janna Thompson; and (in back) Mathew Olsen.