Teachers thank Internet providers during crisis

Letters to the editor:

Teachers thank Internet

providers during crisis




Thanks to the current pandemic, this spring has been very different from any other.

With the online classwork done by my four children (a total of over 25 online classes) and my work as a teacher, weekdays at our house are focused on school.

As a faculty member for a school outside Sanpete County, I am aware of the issues some of my students experience with insufficient bandwidth for their home internet access.

This has made me even more appreciative of the quality and value provided by our local internet service provider, Manti Telecommunications Company (MTCC).

Our internet connection has smoothly and reliably handled both our children’s class loads and the distribution of my class content. The service CentraCom provides in our community has also been great. MTCC and CentraCom, THANK YOU!



Russell Olsen





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