Thanks for the bottle filling station in middle school

Letters to the editor:

Thanks for the bottle filling

station in middle school




I really support the fact that there is a water bottle filling drinking fountain at the middle school now.

I was having a hard time filling my bottle up at my classes because it is unappetizing to drink tap water. But now that there is a new fountain, I can fill up in the halls. I’m very grateful for it. We should also be grateful to Andy Cox and the janitors for installing it as well.

I don’t know anyone else’s opinion, but I speak for the many of us when I say this will be very helpful for everyone. This would also be beneficial if you forgot to refill your water bottle at class, and you don’t have enough time to go back. You could just refill it in the hallway!

I would enjoy having these in more places around the school. For example, right outside the band room on both entrances, right by Mr. Weller’s classroom, right by Mrs. Bradley’s classroom, across from Mr. Richardson’s classroom and right by Mrs. Brady’s classroom.

In conclusion, I am glad we have a new fountain at the middle school and I hope the other schools get one too.


Josh Weller,






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