Tree trimming is dangerous. Let Z’s Trees professionals do it.

Tree trimming is dangerous.

Let Z’s Trees professionals do it.


By Linda Petersen

Staff writer

Mar. 29, 2018


With the unusually mild winter weve had this year, people are already looking at their yards to see what shape theyre going to be in for summer. This might be the time to evaluate your trees to see if there are any problems, Zach Grindley of Zs Trees says.

Even though there hasnt been much snow this winter, damage is cumulative and the storms we have had, coupled with the ever-present wind, may have left some of your trees in an unstable condition.

These forces can result in trees with problem limbs or deadwood which Zach and his crew can easily remove. They will haul off the debris, or, if you prefer, chop it up into firewood for your use. If you have fruit trees, they can even turn that extra wood into chips that make the perfect fuel for your barbecue or smoker. (If you dont, Zach can sell them to you.)

Plumwood burgers are the best thing youve ever tasted in your life, Zach says.

Now is also a good time to have trees that could present a danger to your home, property or loved ones taken out. Zach and his crew can remove those trees and even grind up their stumps for a very reasonable price.

Perhaps the problem is not so much root instability as trees that need extra care. You really meant to trim up your trees before the winter hit, but there was always things to do and places to be, and next thing you knew, winter was here.

Thats not a problem for Zach who, with 12 years of experience, can get your trees back into shape.

This is a great time of year to do that, Zach says. Since the leaves havent come in yet, its easy to prune your trees to a nice shape.

Along with giving your yard a pleasing look, pruning is essential for trees whose growth can be stunted without this essential treatment. From small dwarf trees to large trees that tower over your house, Zs Trees can take care of them all.

Unlike some fly-by-night operations that can leave you high and dry, Zach is licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind, knowing your property is being taken care of by an ultimate professional. Unlike when you do it yourself and something goes wrong and your homeowners policy wont cover the damage, if theres a rare instance where theres an issue, that insurance will set things right.

Along with residential care, Zach and his crew are happy to provide services to local businesses.

Zs Trees  provides free estimates for any size of job and you will find that they are very competitively priced. References are available upon request. Call 435-979-5393 today to set up an appointment.