UDOT, DWR should take steps to prevent deer and elk slaughter

Letters to the editor:

UDOT, DWR should take steps to prevent deer and elk slaughter




Another winter is about over and deer have been slaughtered on the highways of Sanpete County. I wonder why the Department of Transportation and the Division of Wildlife Resources are not doing more for Sanpete County.

These elk were all killed in collisions with vehicles on U.S. 89 just south of Manti.

Most counties throughout Utah have deer fences and/or deer crossings over or underneath the road. I would hope to see the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife more involved; and where is the voice of our county commissioners?

I am hoping the people of Sanpete County will come together and maybe we can make something happen.

I know it will be a real challenge to keep the deer off of the highways. One suggestion is to put in deer fences and/or deer crossings. I know the farmers don’t want to have to open and close their gates all the time, so installing 30-foot cattle guards would solve that issue. Another suggestion is installing solar panel electric gates.

People of Sanpete County, DOT, DWR, SFW, Mule Deer Foundation and county commissioners, let’s come together to make our voices heard.


Randall J. Cox


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