Utah DNR should step up and solve deer problem

Letters to the editor:

Utah DNR should step up and solve deer problem




I read with interest the articles about the deer problem in Manti and the response with ways to fix it. I will agree with one thing: Cities should not have to use valuable time to deal with it. It should not be their problem; it belongs to the Utah Division of Natural Resources (DNR). They have known about the problem since back in the ‘80’s, and despite the big snows, and with the exception of a couple of special doe hunts, they have taken no action or responsibility to fix the problem.
When questioned about it a couple of years ago, a DNR officer told me the deer were just “candying” and I would just have to deal with it.
As far as deer proofing, I have tried sprays, old wives remedies and putting fencing around the trees and shrubs. The fencing seems to work best, but a person should not have to put up an 8-foot fence around their entire property.
I think it is time for DNR to step up to the plate and come up with a plan. Deer are wild animals and should be allowed to roam, but these problem animals have lost their fear of people to the extent that you cannot physically run them off.
I would like to challenge the Utah DNR to take action to put the deer back in the wild, not in town with year-round residency.
Lewis Rasmussen
Fountain Green

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