Wants low-income housing in Sanpete

Letters to the editor:

Wants low-income housing in Sanpete


Talk about compassion. The City of Ephraim is kicking people out of the local trailer park during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. And, if they do not move out soon enough, the city will cut off their lights and heat during the coldest time of year.

Where will these people go? The county has prohibited the building of affordable and low-income housing for years.

It is time for the county to repeal the ordinance and allow affordable and low-income housing to be built in the county.

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot. The Sanpete County treasurer gave $37,000 to a scam artist. $100 lost is a mistake; $37,000 is malfeasance. The county then spent more time and money to try to get some of that money back.

What do the voters do? Vote straight Republican and put her right back into office. So, every time we give money to the treasurer’s office we can ask ourselves: will this money go to a scam artist or to someone else it should not go to? The answer is: eventually.


Benton Petersen,


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