Was it worth it?

Letters to the editor:

The world is watching as the United States abandoned its ally Afghanistan of nearly two decades. Enemy fighters are sweeping in, atrocities are being committed and confusion reigns. Americans are trapped and our government is not lifting much of a finger to help them.

In terms of America’s security, the clock has been turned back 20 years. Afghanistan is once again a rogue state. Within a short time it will again play host to other terrorist organizations (mostly Muslim and communist) that are bent on our destruction.

Americans have paid a great cost over the last 20 years. The financial cost was great, but even greater was the loss of the lives of American military men and women. Their sacrifice should not be dismissed, but honored.

According to the Bible, the purpose of human government is to preserve life, to administer justice, to bring retribution upon those who would take life and commit crimes, and to reward good and punish evil. (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-17).

When governments cease to fulfill God’s purpose, they stand in danger of God’s judgment. The US is certainly a candidate for this. We have allowed abortion and we have called good evil and evil good.

Biblical prophecy indicates that the US will lose its world dominance of power and be subservient to a one world socialist order during a time of seven years of tribulation on the earth. This will be followed by the return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem to set up His kingdom and rule the world for a thousand years. That time seems to be coming soon.

Was the conflict in Afghanistan worth it?  What did the American military actually accomplish in Afghanistan? Their first and most obvious accomplishment was to bring retribution upon those who planned, sponsored and abetted the September 11 attacks where American citizens were attacked and killed. The execution of this sort of retribution is one of the God-ordained functions of civil government. That result alone justifies the war in Afghanistan and makes it worth it.

As a result we must honor, remember and thank all the brave men and women who participated in that accomplishment. As to the political desires of some in America to do nation building, it was supposedly done with the intent to help keep future attacks from happening. It appears that was not successful nor wise. We are also now guilty of betraying our ally, and even our own citizens.

Yes, our military involvement there was a success.

Mike Bardon

Pastor of the Manti Baptist Church

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