After loss to SLCC, 30-65 Lady Badgers get overtime victory over Southern Idaho


Lady Badger Raegan Anderson leaps for the basket during a game against Southern Idaho last week.


After loss to SLCC, 30-65 Lady Badgers get overtime victory over Southern Idaho


By Jacob Clawson

Staff writer



The Lady Badgers women’s basketball didn’t let a disappointing loss to Salt Lake Community College, 30-65, on Thursday get them down, as they came roaring back to win a thriller in overtime two days later.

In a game that constantly kept fans and spectators alike on the edge of their seat, the Snow College Women’s basketball team managed to pull out an overtime victory over Southern Idaho, 80-75, despite the loss they suffered in Idaho only a week ago.

The Lady Badgers found their momentum early against the Eagles, finishing the first quarter having doubled Idaho’s score, 24-12. Second quarter told a different story as Southern Idaho mustered out 19 points in only five minutes, leaving Snow in their wake at 26-31.

The Lady Badgers brought back the iron defense, however, and a few well run plays lead Snow to reclaim the lead 34-33 right before the half.

The entire second half was plagued with turnovers and changes in the lead. With only three minutes remaining, however, the scoreboard struggled to show anything but a tie, despite last resort efforts from both sides.

The 53-53 game ultimately found its way into overtime where the Lady Badgers came out immediately outscoring the Eagles. Despite an effort to regain possession through strategic fouls, Snow came out on top with a five point victory, to end the game 80-75.

The game against SLCC two days earlier in Salt Lake was a different story.

Connecting on only 1-of-11 shots from the field, Salt Lake was able to hold the Lady Badgers to a crippling shooting percentage of only 19.6 due to their defensive wall that wouldn’t let up. Not even Snow’s best scorers could break double digits, leading the Lady Badgers to a final 35 point deficit of 30-65

Coach Mike Russell shared his thoughts after Snow’s overtime victory on Saturday explaining, “Its sad that it takes getting beat by 35 to kinda wake up, but ya know… whatever it takes. So now we’re tied for third, which I feel like we’re in a good spot. It’s good to win. Our players came out and were really assertive tonight and as far as playing with a different roster than what we had before Christmas, that’s a zero issue!”

Sometimes it takes getting beat down to stand up taller, but even so, the Lady Badgers take their lessons with their chins held high. Having stepped up and set past stumbling blocks aside, Snow is on the way to still make a name for themselves this season.

Snow will take to the road again this week as they match up against Utah State University Eastern for the second time on Thursday, January 30. Their last match-up ended with 26 point defeat to start off the conference after the break, but with Snow’s latest comeback against Southern Idaho, the Lady Badgers are ready for another upset.