Aggravated murder charges filed against CUCF inmate Julio Garza

Julio Garza
Julio Garza
Aggravated murder charges filed against CUCF inmate Julio Garza


James Tilson

Staff writer



MANTI—The Sanpete County attorney has filed charges of aggravated murder against Julio Cesar Garza, an inmate at the Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF),  in connection with the death of another inmate, Carlos-Adrian Hernandez.

The charge of aggravated murder is supported when the facts show that the defendant intentionally or knowingly caused the death of another, while that person was confined in a jail or correctional unit. The charge can carry the death penalty.

Garza was originally sent to prison after being convicted of aggravated robbery.

The probable cause statement in the homicide case states that Garza and Hernandez resided in the same cell at CUCF. On Aug. 25, 2016, officers heard a disturbance coming from their cell.

The investigating officer, looking in the cell, saw Hernandez lying on the floor with blood from his waist up. Garza was also sitting in the cell, apparently unharmed.

Video footage from a surveillance camera showed Garza punching into Hernandez’ bunk and then pulling Hernandez off the bunk onto the floor. Garza then kicked and jumped on Hernandez multiple times, lasting several minutes.

Hernandez later passed away at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center from his injuries. At this time, Garza has not been scheduled for an initial appearance.