As of now, Sanpete County Fair is still on

As of now, Sanpete County Fair is still on


By Dyna Folkersen

Staff writer


MANTI— As of now, plans for the Sanpete County Fair are still on.

Mike Bennett of the Sanpete County Fair board approached the Sanpete County Commission, on March 17, to discuss if the county is planning to celebrate the Sanpete County Fair this year, in lieu of the recent COVID-19 epidemic, or not.

Appearing by Zoom, Bennett (representing the fair board) and the commissioners agreed to continue plans and go forward with the fair.

However, with the downfall in revenue for our economy, Bennett stated that it is hard to ask local businesses for donations during this time. He sought input from the commission on how to approach that.

Commissioners suggested they wait a month to see what happens prior to making the final decision on what to do.

In the meantime the commissioners stated that businesses could be contacted to see if they would be interested in donating towards the fair. They would also give businesses an assurance that their donation would be refunded in the case the fair did not happen.

Bennett will continue to work on an application for CIB funds for the fair in the next couple of months.