Back to school



By Suzanne Dean




More than 5,000 students headed back to school in the North Sanpete and South Sanpete districts today.

Greeting them were about 350 teachers and administrators, backed up by 650 full-time and part-time support staff in the two districts.

Preliminary enrollment in North Sanpete is 2,600, a figure bound to change once students actually arrive and registration is finalized.

Nonetheless, the number appears to be up a little from last year, according to Amanda Morley, data specialist for the district.

As of Tuesday, the South Sanpete District wasn’t ready to issue a count. But typically, enrollment is 3,200, Paul Gottfredson, the district business manager, said.

In North Sanpete, all schools—elementary, middle and high school—start at 8:15 a.m.

Procedures vary by school, but most elementary schools sent letters to parents telling them which teachers their children were assigned to.

Middle and high school students completed class schedules before the end of school last year, or over the summer, and should have had those schedules in hand, district officials said.

In South Sanpete, different schools have different starting times, but all of the times are close to 8 a.m., some a few minutes before, some a few minutes after.

Most parents with elementary-age children know from their contacts with schools what classes their children are in. Additionally, class assignments were posted at the schools themselves, Superintendent Kent Larsen said.

Like their North Sanpete counterparts, middle and high school students in South Sanpete generally already had their schedules and knew right where to go when they arrived at their schools.