Badger soccer continues to dominate

Badger soccer continues to dominate

By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Sept. 21, 2017




EPHRAIM, Utah—The Snow College men’s soccer team redeemed itself from a loss last week to Yavapai College in Arizona with wins over the weekend against Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC).

The Snow men dominated the game against CNCC on Friday, Sept. 15 with room to spare. The final score was 7-1 for Snow. A game the next day ended in another easy win for the Badgers by a score of 7-2.

On Friday, the Badgers pushed through the ice-cold rain to overpower CNCC. The team did an excellent job of keeping possession of the ball for the majority of the game.

The game had barely begun when, in the second minute, freshman Kade Jorgensen engineered an assist to Renan Gomes, who scored the first goal for Snow.

The Badgers didn’t stop there, because at the 23rd minute, sophomore Sam BamberLister scored a second goal, and just 6 minutes later, the Badgers netted a third goal through an assist by Renan Gomes to freshman Sam Melo.

Colorado Northwestern scored the next goal 52 minutes into the game, but BamberLister took the ball right back and scored Snow’s fourth goal less than a minute later.

With 17 minutes left, Gomes scored an unassisted goal in the 73rd minute and yet another 2 minutes later.

The weather had turned rainy, with hail, but the team pushed forward, with Jorgensen making a final goal with 8 minutes left.

The Badgers played well again on Saturday. Freshman Emmanuel Kenteh summed up the game: “The first half was really good because Snow moved the ball quickly and everyone played well as a team together. The second half was a bit more tiring but we still moved the ball and kept trying to attack.”

The Snow men’s soccer team travel to Salt Lake City to play against Salt Lake Community College on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22 and 23.




The Snow College women’s soccer team conquered its opponent with ease last weekend.

On Friday, Sept. 15, the Lady Badgers trounced Colorado Northwestern Community College, 16-0. Saturday’s game on Sept. 16, also against CNCC, went similarly with Snow winning 12-0.

Despite terrible weather, the Badgers played strong on Friday. Sophomore Myka Bouwhuis scored the first goal of the game in the 14th minute, assisted by fellow sophomore Nicole Jenkins.

From there, the Badgers scored the next nine goals in 15 minutes. Freshman Sydney Benson made an impressive hat-trick by scoring three goals within 5 minutes of each other.

Other goals were scored by freshmen Nicole Hadlock, Susie Eames, Angela Clayton and Makensie Price, and sophomores Cheyenne Jacobs and Manae Izuhara.

In the 60th minute, freshman Angela Clayton made an assist to freshman Kassi Taylor, who netted the ball for the 12th goal. Sophomore Mady Graham got the next goal in the 79th minute with a well-placed assist by freshman Alexis VanOrden, followed by VanOrden placing a goal of her own in the 85th minute on the strength of an assist by Taylor.

Two minutes later, Taylor scored a goal, assisted by Mady Graham.

Makensie Price, assisted by Taylor, polished off the 16th goal with seconds to go.

On Saturday, the Lady Badgers came up with an easy win with a dozen balls to the net.

Team Captain Myka Bouwhuis said “teamwork and passing the ball to each other” was the key to the win. The points the Badgers racked up as the game proceeded were just more than CNCC had any hope of matching.

This coming weekend the Badgers travel to Salt Lake City to play against Salt Lake Community College.