Badgers on winning streak, prep for USU Eastern

Jonah Roth maintains control of the ball during the Badgers’ game against Colorado Northwestern on Thursday.

Badgers on winning streak,

prep for USU Eastern


By Jacob Clawson

Staff writer




The Badgers found their momentum late in the season and pushed their win streak to four after defeating Colorado Northwestern, 105-81, and Southern Idaho, 80-75.

After scoring 21 points in the first half, and another 10 in the second half, Trey Farrer’s 14-of-14 exhibition led Snow to a 24-point decisive victory over Colorado Northwestern on Thursday.

Having gained the early lead by 18 in the first 10 minutes of the half, the Badgers easily doubled the Spartans baskets 36-18. Following this, Farrer received an ovation from the stands as he took to the bench for the remainder of the half.

The Badgers refused to give up any sort of lead in the second half. While Snow couldn’t expand their lead past 34 points, they sealed their 105-81 win by sinking a few 3-pointers and two crowd pleasing dunks.

Five Badgers came out on top, scoring in the double digits. Following Trey Farrer’s 31-point performance, both Taylor Miller and Brantzen Blackner scored 15 points, while Matt Norman and Jonah Roth got off 10 points each.

With Snow’s season high 60.3 percent from the field, it’s no wonder the Colorado offense wasn’t able to come close to closing the wide gap the Badgers created for themselves.

Snow then took to the road in Twin Falls, Idaho on Saturday against the Golden Eagles, who have proven to be unpredictable opponents for the Badgers. Matching the Badgers shot for shot throughout the first quarter, the Golden Eagles seemed reluctant to accept another loss by the Badgers this season.

Starting the second half up by one, Snow continued to fight to gain any possible lead. Even on breakaway runs, Idaho still managed to find their way from behind to make it a one basket game.

Ultimately in the final :02 seconds remaining, Brantzen Blackner was able to secure the Badger victory, 80-75, after sinking his pair of free throws to give the badgers a 5-point lead. Snow walked away 2-1 on the season against Southern Idaho and increased their standings to 15-12.

Coach Neilson also took the time to award Farrer the ‘Sanpete Steel Man of the Game’, after Trey took a rough charge in the final seconds of the game. He also awarded Matt Norman as ‘Player of the Game’ with his tide-turning 3-pointer near the end of the second half.

When asked about his key players on Thursday, Coach Robert Neilson couldn’t speak more highly of center Trey Farrer. “He didn’t miss a shot. Those things set records, and he’s really played well these past five or six games. It’s good for us and good for him, but it means he’ll be recruited out of here real quickly. A big guy that can score like that out on the paint is really hard to find, so there’ll be a lot of interest for Trey to be moving on.”

      The Badgers will take on Utah State University Eastern Thursday on their own home court in Ephraim. Snow is also continuing their “Pack the HAC” event, this time with the first 500 fans dressed in orange Badger gear receiving a free orange-creamsicle.