Believes Manti City is not playing by its own rules

Letters to the editor:

Have you ever been invited to play a game with others and have been given the rule book to go by? But when you play the game and you see how others play and you play the same way, you are told that the rules are different for you.

This is how the Manti City Council operates in our city. When candidates run for office, they flatter the voters and tell them what they want to hear to get their votes. They lead away the hearts of as many people as they can. They take an oath when they are elected, but disregard the municipal code (a compilation of city laws) that they swore to uphold. They would prefer to continue to follow what has been done for years that is against the municipal code.

City council members Darren Dyreng and Mary Wintch both said that they take their oath that they took very seriously. Words are cheap; actions speak louder than words.

City Manager Kent Barton has repeatedly disregarded the municipal code to fit his agenda. In doing so he has led away the city council in doing the same thing. It seems as if the city council/manager seek only for power and authority. They do not show by their actions that any of them honor the oath they took when placed in office.

We pray for rain and to have this terrible and long-lasting drought to be over with. How can we receive such a blessing when we allow such people to be in office? Don’t get me wrong; they are not the only ones to blame. We as a community allow them to stay in office and rule the way they chose.

It has been said that the inward vessel shall be cleansed first. We must stir up insurrections among ourselves and replace our leaders who will lead us lawfully.

David Craig

Manti City

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