Responding to criticism on city’s handling of Aspen Village

Letters to the editor:

I am responding to Dave Brown’s letter to the editor (Sanpete Messenger July 28) relative to Aspen Village located on 200 South in Mt. Pleasant.

We have invested $353,000 to upgrade water lines. In addition, we are moving forward with a storm drain plan and road repair to address issues related to installing the water line. We have installed individual water meters for each of the properties because there was just one water meter serving this mobile home subdivision.

We estimate that another $200,000 will be invested for infrastructure. Further, we are working with a developer to upgrade housing units.

So, when Mr. Brown writes that one should “drive into the trailer court on 200 South to make my point,” he would be well advised to check with me to get his facts straight.

With reference to his point about qualifications, I have degrees from Brigham Young University and University of Michigan. I taught state and local government, and international relations for 15 years (six at BYU and nine at UVU). I served on the Mt. Pleasant City Council for 20 years (1996-2016).

Prior to retiring in 1996, I founded and operated several small businesses. I worked with Senator Robert Bennett to create the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area.

The Wells Fargo Bank building was donated to our organization, and we lease it to the city for $1 a year. It is a great location for city offices. I was a member of the U.S. Electoral College from Michigan in 1972 and in 1968. I ran for Congress in Michigan’s 16th Congressional District.

The Community Development and Renewal Agency has raised millions of dollars for projects, including affordable housing, the Cleone Peterson Eccles Equestrian Center/Contoy Arena, Aquatic Center, industrial park and many more.

And by the way, academic degrees can be over emphasized in assessing qualifications and competency. I work with many high school graduates who have great skills, common sense and problem solving ability. I would rank them above many PhD, MPA and MBA degree holders I know.

Monte Bona

Director, Mt. Pleasant Community Development and Renewal Agency

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