Biden’s action cost jobs, increased fuel cost

Letters to the editor:

Biden’s action cost jobs,

increased fuel cost




With one swipe of the pen, President Biden got rid of thousands of jobs when he stopped the pipeline.

Have you noticed the immediate jump in the price of gas?

The increase was boom.

I am sure it had nothing to do with the delivery cost so quickly. The gas was still at the refinery or was in route there.

The local service stations price change was almost immediately.

I feel for those who travel for their jobs because they will take the blunt of the cost.

It is interesting the difference in cost from Utah County to Sanpete. I was up north last week and noticed that gas there was a nickel per gallon cheaper than in Sanpete, with the same service station. I wonder why.

Once the fuel is on the truck, does it cost more per gallon to deliver it another fifty miles?

How can that be? I have heard some say that with the Keystone pipeline gone, we could see gas at $4 a gallon before too long.

The major oil companies can take advantage and line the pockets of the big guys at our expense. Hundreds of people live in Sanpete and  commute every day, evidenced by the traffic twice a day, and they will be more impacted than those of us who don’t travel as often.


Kristy Jensen,




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