Mt. Pleasant mailboxes should be moved to safer place

Letters to the editor:

Mt. Pleasant mailboxes should

be moved to safer place




How would you like to have 80 or more people drive through your front yard every day? I deal with the noise, trash and congestion every day. The post office has placed approximately 100 mailboxes in my front yard.

They are also 20 feet inside the intersection of 600 East and 700 South; it is a three way stop that not many people stop at as it is not enforced by the local police. When picking up your mail, you must stop in the intersection by 10 feet or so. It is a traffic hazard.

Writing to the email address to the Mayor of Mt. Pleasant and a few councilmen is useless. They do not respond to any mail. I do not know if they do not know how to use a computer or what, but they do not respond to any emails.

The most ridiculous comments have been the property line for the homeowners. The city says it is the telephone poles. The telephone poles zig zag down the road and NOT in a line. This idea to follow the telephone poles might work 100 years ago, but now we have what is called a plat map of the road.  To find the property homeowners line just go to the middle of the road and measure to one side or the other for the easement.  That way it is a true measurement rather than zigzagging down the road in a covered wagon idea.

The remedy to this problem of having mailboxes in an intersection is easy. Move them to a safer place. Pass an ordinance that all mailboxes cannot be within 100 feet of an intersection and no larger than 25 boxes.  The boxes here are for the hundreds of people living in the county. County residence should get their mail at post office or place boxes in the county where they live. Not in the city.

The question is, why does the mayor of Mt. Pleasant do nothing to protect the citizens in this dangerous intersection?  Why is it that the other homeowners have their property line to the street? I am discriminated against as I cannot beautify my property to the road. Why can’t the Mayor answer his email? This problem has gone on for three years and the mayor does nothing?


Dave Brown,

Mt. Pleasant


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