Bulldogs head for playoffs after beating Wolves, losing to Beavers

Bulldogs head for playoffs after beating Wolves, losing to Beavers


By Benjamin Thornberg




The Gunnison Valley High School boys’ basketball team found glorious victory over their rivals at North Sevier, 51-48, but were defeated by Beaver High afterwards, 53-40.

In a tense region rivalry game, the Bulldogs and the Wolves would trade the lead back and forth. The Wolves established a significant lead in the first quarter of the game, which they then lost when Gunnison mounted a comeback in the second quarter. Gunnison took the lead thanks to a behind-the-arc shot made by Jackson Hill.

In the second half, the two teams rallied whenever the other would push ahead. In the final moments, thanks to steady free throw shooting by Gunnison, the score was tied at 44-44. The hero of the game was Braxton Sylvester, who secured the Bulldogs’ win by making two free throws and one last layup.

The Bulldogs’ change in offensive strategy proved to be a fruitful result for them. Instead of stacking up 3-point shots, Gunnison focused more on driving to the bucket, which yielded more free throw attempts than North Sevier.

The Bulldog victory was a team effort. Every Bulldog scored at least once. Parx Bartholomew and Janzen Keisel scored 13 and 12 points, while three other Bulldogs all scored 8-points each.

Gunnison Valley played its way into the 2A playoff s, with the Region 18 No. 6 seed. They will face off against the Region 17 No. 1 seed, Rowland Hall. Their first round game will be at Snow College’s Horne Activity Center in Ephraim, on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 9 a.m.