Candidate Huntsman discuss Sanpete challenges

Gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman (far right) addresses a group of potential voters in Gunnison City during a campaign visit. The size of the gathering was limited due to public health concerns, but the intimate setting allowed Huntsman to discuss matters important to rural Utah.


Candidate Huntsman discuss

Sanpete challenges


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



GUNNISON—Gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman visited Sanpete County this month to get in touch with potential voters in rural Utah.

“Our supporters in central Utah invited us to the area to learn more about the challenges facing our rural Utah communities that have been left behind,” wrote Huntsman on social media. “Our agricultural producers are facing serious threats, which will affect our food supply and the vitality of rural Utah. We appreciated the chance to get first-hand knowledge of the situation as we fine tune our plan to make rural Utah better than ever.”

In the midst of a pandemic, traditional town halls and political gatherings have been limited due to state guidelines to mitigate the public health crisis. Instead of large, formal gatherings to campaign, Huntsman opted for a few smaller and more intimate meetings with local supports and curious voters.

In the Gunnison Valley, Huntsman was hosted by vocal supporter, Kim Pickett of Gunnison City. Pickett owns several local businesses and sits on the Gunnison Valley Hospital Board.

Huntsman and his wife, Mark Kaye, drove down to Pickett Dairy for a portion of the visit to discuss things that will impact rural Utahns.

The group discussed agriculture at length, says Pickett. Huntsman was looking for input from Central Utah farmers and ranchers so he could better understand how recent problems were plaguing rural Utah’s agribusinesses.

Pickett says he feels so strongly about Huntsman being the best candidate for governor because of his extensive experience as a statesman. In addition to already having been governor of Utah once, Huntsman has served every presidential administration since Reagan in some capacity, including Ambassador to Singapore for George H. W. Bush, Ambassador to China for Barrack Obama and Ambassador to Russia for Donald Trump.

“His experience isn’t the only reason I support him,” Pickett says. “I just think he is the right man for the job, but he is also very down to earth. I am just a normal guy and yet when I email Jon, even when serving as the Ambassador to Russia, he would still email me back personally. That counts for a lot to me.”