Centerfield family credits fast for safe return of missionary

All the Childs children on their doorstep in Centerfield after bringing Senora home: Meg, Senora “Sister Childs”, Sloane, Knightly, Sylas, and Roman Childs.

CENTERFIELD—A grateful mother and family believes the safe return home of their missionary from Argentina shows the power of the worldwide fast invitation by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prophet Russell M. Nelson.

Last Thursday, Nelson invited the church to fast and pray on Sunday for the Lord to bless the world and its people who are struggling with the coronavirus.

The message said, “Join me in a worldwide fast on March 29 to pray for relief from the physical, emotional and economic effects of the global pandemic. Let us unite our faith to plead for physical and spiritual and other healing throughout the entire world.”

Church members were asked to pray and fast for 24 hours, and to donate the price of those meals as fast offerings to help the poor and needy.

An inspirational example comes from the Centerfield 2nd Ward. On Friday, Bishop Ken King posted the following on Facebook. “Senora Childs, daughter of Wendy and Ken Childs is serving her mission in the Argentina Buenos Aires East Mission. Today her mother informed me that they had received some news from the Mission President that the Church and mission leaders of the South American South Area are trying to get 4,000 missionaries out of South America South, but security is getting tighter and tighter, making it hard to obtain flights.”

At the time of the letter, all flights had been cancelled.

The post continues: “The news media in Quilmes, Argentina, where Senora lives states that the military is taking food rations to the poor. The people of Argentina are allowed to go to get groceries, to the pharmacy and the doctor.”

Although she is serving in a poor area, Sister Childs said that members were making sure the missionaries are well and being taken care of, the bishop reported.

The bishop’s post also said, “I am now also calling upon all of our ward members and friends who have the health to do so, to have a serious, prayerful, 24 hours fast starting sometime this Saturday and carrying over to Sunday.”

“Please include in your prayerful pleadings to the Lord your desire to have all of our missionaries world-wide, and those who serve with them, returned home safely, especially our missionaries who need miracles to happen for them to return to us. Pray also for comfort and peace to come to each of our missionary families. We need to add our faith and prayers and call upon our Father in Heaven for His tender mercies.”

The Childs family joined other church members in the fast, and on Sunday, received news that the Church had procured two charter flights that would bring all of the United States and Canadian missionaries from the area.

“I felt like crying when I heard,” said Wendy. “I feel extreme emotion of gratitude and thanksgiving of her being able to return home, and I see it as a direct blessing from God.”

On Monday the Childs family went to Salt Lake to pick up Senora.

“After going through the process of fasting and prayer and of then receiving Sister Childs home, I realize that not only is God a God of miracles, but that these missionaries worldwide are more prepared than ever to accept his will and continue in His name. Onward Christian soldiers,” says Wendy.