Centerfield interviews two for council and vacancy

Centerfield interviews two for council and vacancy

By Gage Slusser

Staff Writer


(Aug. 15 2019)
NEWS – Centerfield Council – Applicants for Centerfield City Council – Christie Garff and Jonah Christensen – GAGE SLUSSER

CENTERFIELD—The town council addressed the task the of finding a replacement for a council seat vacated by Haden Jensen, who married recently and moved outside the town boundaries. His term runs to 2022.

Christi Garff and Jonah Christensen asked to be considered for the vacancy at a council meeting on Aug. 7.

They were interviewed by the council together and asked about their qualifications and what talents they could bring to the council.  After the interview, the meeting was adjourned, and the council met in closed session to consider the applicants. Their recommendation will be presented to Mayor Tom Sorensen for ratification prior to the announcement of the council’s selection. Mayor Sorensen and Councilman David Beck were not in attendance at this week’s meeting.

Three seats for town council will be open on the upcoming ballot.  Both Garff and Christensen expressed an interest in running for office if they were not selected to take the replacement seat.

Becky Edwards will be stepping down from the council.  Both Jaden Sorenson and Jon Hansen will seek re-election.  Additional candidates on the upcoming ballot for town council are Kimberly Beck and Jackie Huff.