Childhood memories exhibit on display in Gunnison till March

“Primal Pinyon Playground” by Arlene Braithwaite


Childhood memories exhibit on

display in Gunnison till March




GUNNISON—Children’s memories are powerful things.

And childhood memories of play and other everyday experiences will be explored in a new artistic exhibit called “Go Out and Play.”

This endeavor features artists’ views about childhood memories of play; the show will run through March at the Gunnison City Hall.

According to curator Kathy Cieslewicz, this exhibit focuses on reigniting the viewers’ childhoods through interaction and reminiscing.

“Little Quilter” by Miriam Rawson

Collectively, the art in this exhibition reflects how play seems to be trivialized in our changing world. Traditional play has become jeopardized as parents see their children’s activities relegated to screens, she said. It is hoped viewers will be inspired to bring play back into children’s lives in ways that evoke wonder, creativity and natural curiosity.

This exhibition is a partnership between the Sears Art Museum Gallery, Dixie State University and Utah Division of Arts & Museums. The show features artwork in a variety of media by artists from Utah and Arizona. It is presented by Gunnison through the Utah Division of Arts & Museums Traveling Exhibition Program. For more information, contact Mayor Lori Nay at 528-7969 or lorinay@gunnisoncity.org.


“The neighbors” by Sophie Soprano