Church announce Manti Temple among those opening for husband-wife sealings

Church announce Manti Temple among those opening for husband-wife sealings




MANTI—The Manti LDS Temple, along with 10 other LDS temples in Utah, are opening on a limited basis.

According to a press release by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, some temples began the first phase of a four-phase plan for temples to fully reopen on May 11. All temples have been closed since March 25, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The press release says, “In the first phase of temple reopening, temple ordinances will be limited to husband-and-wife living sealings (marriages) for members who are already endowed.

“Sealings will take place Monday through Saturday by appointment only and initially will be limited to one sealing ceremony or family at a time in the temple. When the appointment is made, staff will verify that the couple lives within the approved geographic area for receiving ordinances in that temple. All government and public health directives will be observed, including restrictions related to travel and crossing of state or other regional borders, and the use of safety equipment such as masks.

“For these living sealing ordinances, temples will have a very limited number of staff in the temple—as few as two or three people. Each bride, groom and their limited number of guests will be greeted at the door of the temple and escorted to the sealing room. The bride and groom are invited to come to the temple dressed in the customary white trousers, shirt and tie (for men) and dresses (for women). They will then dress in ceremonial temple clothing within the temple.

“The number of participants in each sealing will be restricted to the bride, groom and a limited number of guests per instructions provided at the time of scheduling. Only those who are in good health and have no symptoms of COVID-19 should come to the temple. The sealing and other rooms in the temple will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized following each ceremony.

The next phase (2) in temple reopenings will include all living ordinances, but patron housing, clothing services and cafeteria operations will remain closed.

The Utah temples that will start opening are Bountiful, Brigham City, Cedar City, Logan, Manti, Monticello, Ogden, Oquirrh Mountain, Payson, Provo City and Provo.