Community supports fundraiser for Glenn family

The Manti family who lost their home in a fire last month received a well-need distraction from a fundraiser organized by community members to help them deal with the burden of such a loss. They are seen here wearing costumes and holding props from the event’s photo booth. Pictured are: Back row (L-R) Jason Borg, Janet Glenn, Jenna Borg and Ken Glenn; Front row (L-R), Kayden Glenn and Keena Borg.

Community supports fundraiser for Glenn family


By Robert Stevens




MANTI—Dozens of local community members came out to help support a Manti family who lost their home in a fire last week.

The fundraiser event, which was held on Saturday, Feb. 23 at Manti American Legion hall from 6-10 p.m. was organized by Manti High School student Delaney Harris as a project for her event planning class.

Money raised from the event benefits the Ken and Janet Glenn family, whose home at 681 E. 500 South in Manti was lost to a blaze on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

“The support from the community has been so encouraging and uplifting,” Janet said. “It came just when we needed it and we are so thankful and grateful for everyone involved.”

The family said the lighthearted event, which had two live bands, a bake sale and a photo booth, served well to distract them from the burden brought upon them by the fire.

Since the day of the fire, Ken Glenn says he and his family have received support again and again just when it was most needed.

“On the very day of the fire someone slipped money in my pocket,” he says. It turns out it was just enough to get them into a rental after losing their home.

Another donor snuck up to their door and slipped money in so the family wouldn’t know who had left it, says Janet. Although the family lost their entire home and many sentimental items in the fire, they have begun planning to rebuild a new home of an original design.

“This time around, my kitchen window is going to point in the direction I want it to,” Janet says.