Contests abound at Fairview Elementary, covering savings, walking, and jobs

Contests abound at Fairview Elementary, covering savings, walking, and jobs


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



FAIRVIEW—More than one contest highlights November at Fairview Elementary.

Fairview Elementary students took part in a “My Future Job Contest,” complete with prizes, at their school. Also, principal Allynne Mower promoted the Safe Routes Utah Walk and  Roll Challenge from the Utah Department of Transportation.

Besides being introduced to my529, Utah’s official 529 educational savings plan, students participated in lessons Nov. 2-6 about college, careers and saving for college. Each student drew a picture of their future career and wrote about it. Class winners were submitted on Monday, Nov. 9, with the overall school winners being announced on Thursday, Nov. 12, Mower said.

“I am hoping to present the winners with their prize Thursday afternoon,” Mower said. “It just depend[s] on whether or not we hear who the winners are before the end of the school day.”

Nan Ault, superintendent of North Sanpete School District, sent a message to parents and guardians on Friday, Nov. 6. In it, she said that at the start of the week, principals and teachers got a K-6 Financial Literacy Toolkit from Utah JumpStart. It contained resources to help teachers in introducing students to career planning and getting ready for college.

“It was a week of discussion, activities and information,” Ault said.

“my529 has been helping families across the United States invest for higher education for more than 20 years,” Ault said. “my529 funds may be used for qualified higher education expenses, which also include K-12 tuition expenses, qualified education loan repayments and registered apprenticeships.”

In her November newsletter, where she encouraged families to save and prepare for college, Mower calls my529 “a valuable resource that will help your children prepare for their future.”

“Saving for college begins now,” Mower said.

You can learn more at my529.org.

The Safe Routes Utah Walk & Roll Challenge rewards children for walking and biking to school or walking and biking outside for 20 minutes if attending school online or at home. Parents are also rewarded when they forgo their drive and “get [their] kids moving,” the newsletter stated.

To participate in the contest, students must walk or bike to school at least one time this month.

“The more a student walks or bikes, the more likely he or she is to win,” Mower wrote, noting that walking to the bus stop also counts.

To enter the contest, families should submit their progress online by the end of each month. The website is SafeRoutes.Utah.gov/walk-n-roll. Winners are randomly selected, the newsletter reads.

Also, Mower pled for folks to help Fairview Elementary by shopping through smile.amazon.com and choosing “Fairview Elementary PTA, Utah” as its charitable organization.

“It doesn’t cost anything extra, but by shopping through smile.amazon.com you can earn money for our school,” Mower says.

Mower also announced that Thanksgiving Break will take place Nov. 25 through 29.

“Even though this year has been different, we have so many things to be thankful for,” Mower writes. “May you take the time to reflect on the good things that have happened to you and your family this Thanksgiving season.”

In an email, Mower thanked folks for their assistance in keeping their children in school by “keeping them healthy” and following her guidelines when they are ill.

She also made requests of parents and guardians to put labels on all masks, backpacks, coats, hats, and water bottles.

“As it gets colder, we will still be taking outside mask breaks,” Mower added. “Make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather throughout the day.”

Mower invited parents and guardians to contact her at 427-9204 or allynne.mower@nsanpete.org.

“We are committed to establishing strong school-home communication,” Mower said. “Should you ever have any questions about anything, or just need to touch base, please feel free to contact m