County should not increase taxes

Letters to the editor:

County should not increase taxes


The Sanpete County Commissioners have proposed a large property tax increase. I do not think that is such a good idea, as they recently lost almost $40,000 in a recent scam.

They say most of the money has been recovered, but they want to increase taxes to spend more—on what? It all makes us a little nervous.

I believe one of the main reasons they want an increase is to eventually build a brand new courthouse. This is just bad business.

The county has the fairly new jail addition that could easily be renovated with shiny, brand new offices that cost less, but they have never used that space, so there it sits—a complete waste.

It is time the local cities and the county officials get over the “we need the newest and most expensive buildings in town” mindset. It is obvious as you drive through the county who is benefiting the most from tax dollars, and it’s not the local small store owners.

If, however, they pass the tax increase, there is a way for citizens to get around it if they’r4e willing to go through extreme harassment. Currently, the words “property tax” are others words for “rent.” When you pay property tax you are essentially paying rent to the government, the government simply changed the name of it so quell the masses.

And like all landlords, they can make certain rules that you have to obey. But you can get around all of that by filing a Land Patent. Just fill out the correct paperwork, pay the appropriate fees, and declare yourself an independent land owner by running an ad in the local newspaper.

No more rent, now you officially own your property. But why bother, let’s just have the county commissioners tighten their belts and quit wasting money.

Do not raise taxes.

Alan Cox


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