Objects to publisher’s media bias

Letters to the editor:

Objects to publisher’s media bias


This is indeed a “Letter to the Editor”, a personal letter to Suzanne Dean. The majority of Americans believe that the Media is biased, and it seems that CNN, aka The Clinton News Network, as well as the New York Times and LA Times are, and have lost all credibility.

Their anti-Trump campaign has failed. But who would have ever thought that that right here in Sanpete that the “Ugly” media bias would raise its head. Ms. Dean your “Ugly Trump is no choice at all” article puts you right up there with the New York Times , in the tank for Clinton.

I challenge you to get out of your Ivory tower at 35 South Main and attend mornings at a local “coffee shop” where you can find out what real ”Sanpete Americans” are thinking and saying. If you’re one of the women that’s so easily offended by a little male “Locker Room’’ talk , I wonder if you are one of the millions of women that bought and read the book, “50 Shades of Gray”.

I’m quite sure you will never put this letter in the Messenger but at least I know you read it. I support “The Freedom of the Press” and “Freedom from the Press” and your “bias”. I’d cancel my subscription but I enjoy the Sanpete news too much.

Richard Peterson


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